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About celebrates some of the best student work produced in UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS). From blogs and films to podcasts and essays, STS UCL students consistently create work that informs and impresses.

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Portfolio of Excellence

Made in STS-UK offers a portfolio of work across the whole range of HPSC modules offered by STS. This portfolio showcases first class work produced by students for our modules. (In the UK, “first class” is a designation used to signify the top level of attainment for the level of study. It is equivalent to an “A” or 3.0 on a 4.0 marking system.) The items included here are outstanding pieces of work for the level of study and time allowed for its pursuit. All items in the portfolio have received a first class mark within an HPSC module at UCL.

All authors have consented to having their work appear in a public forum. The items here remain the copyrighted intellectual property of the authors as appear here under license. The authors are solely responsible for content.

STS has operated postgraduate taught programmes since the 1920s. We have operated undergraduate taught programmes since the 1990s. Our portfolio offers a small sample of the range and depth of first class work produced here. We offer this portfolio as a sample, not an archive. (That said, we welcome news from our alumni; email us and make contact.)

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