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Blogging emerging technologies


Every year, Dr Jack Stilgoe teaches a course for UCL undergraduates on Governing Emerging Technologies. Students from our department join students from science degrees around UCL to think about technologies before they are set in stone. The course is an exercise in navigating uncertainty. There are few definitive statements to rely upon, and he asks students to be sceptical of claims that scientists, inventors, ethicists, policymakers or anyone else make about the future. As well as doing the usual essays, they also get them to blog about whatever aspects of emerging technologies they like.


Title Blogging emerging technologies
Author Gleklen, Brandon
Walters, Rosie
Boeing, Philipp
Module HPSC3036 Governing Emerging Technologies
Session 2013-2014
Level BSc year 3
Assignment Students blog about the issues they’ve investigated for the module, providing writing to quite a different audience from the usual course paper.
Credit author
Other information
Citation Stilgoe. 2014. Blogging emerging technologies. The Guardian Political Science Blog. 06 August 2014. Online.
Action Link (link). This also is posted here.