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One hundred and one Mendelians



This dissertation presents a detailed analysis of the history of Mendelian genetics in the first decade following its inception in 1900. It shows that there is more to that history than the ‘rediscovery’ of Mendel and a debate between the new mendelians and the ‘biometricians’, and shows once again that history focussed on ‘big fish’ may mislead.


Title One hundred and one Mendelians
Author Buttolph, Michael
Module MSc dissertation
Session 2007-2008
Level MSc
Assignment Student completes research project culminating in a dissertation of approximately 10,000 words
Credit author
Other information Project also included a database for the scientists studied, presented as an Excel database (buttolph-2008-one-hundred-and-one-mendlians-database).
Citation Buttloph, Michael. 2008. One hundred and one Mendelians. MSc dissertation (London Centre for History of Science, Medicine and Technology).
Action Download (buttolph-2008-one-hundred-and-one-mendlians)