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The Future of Zoos: Education and Human Welfare



  • There is growing national consensus for more stringent guidelines and increased transparency in the governance of our zoological institutions.
  • Our environment is increasingly threated – as Anderson states in the IUCN annual Report, (2015:p.9) ‘environmental challenges which we face are unprecedented in their urgency and potential impact’ and ‘unless we recognise that reality, we are sure to undermine the very security of our existence on Earth as we know it’.
  • There are increasing global concerns regarding human mental health.
  • Zoos should use human’s innate affinity to nature to increase education and improve human wellbeing, which will help to tackle the above concerns.


Title The Future of Zoos: Education and Human Welfare
Author Norris, Isabel
Module HPSC3051 Zoos in Science and Culture
Session 2016-2017
Level BSc year 3
Assignment Student complete a policy paper proposing an answer to the question: what should we do with zoos?
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Citation Norris, Isabel. 2017. The Future of Zoos: Education and Human Welfare.
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